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Books, CDs, DVDs and other weight loss aids by the famous hypnotist Paul McKenna.

"I Can Make You Thin" by Paul McKenna


Would you like to feel really happy with your body?
Are you unable to lose those last 10 pounds?
Are you a late-night snacker?
Do you find it difficult to say no to second helpings?
Do you get disheartened about your eating habits and your weight?
Then this amazing book and CD can help you!

Welcome to a revolutionary new way to stop overeating, control cravings and feel totally motivated to take exercise. Paul McKenna has developed a breakthrough weight-loss system that re-patterns your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your health and food to help you easily get control of your diet and lose weight permanently.

As you use Paul's amazing system, the latest psychological techniques will automatically help you start losing weight straight away! You can use it again and again to make you feel happier about yourself as you go all the way to your ideal shape, size and weight.

"I lost weight long term and re-established a relaxed relationship with food. I honestly believe diets don't work. Paul McKenna's method does!"...Kirsty Young

Plot Your Weight Loss Progress

Diet ChartsWhatever your choice of diet, how about some motivational help? How about a ready made spreadsheet which plots your weight loss against your target? It also has a built in BMI calculator which plots a separate graph of your reducing Body Mass Index. Immediate download... click here for more information


N L Jefferies from Sidcup, Kent United Kingdom
"I read this book in about an hour and it's an hour that has changed the way I live my life. This book makes so much sense, you wonder why on Earth you have spent time and money on all the diets in the world. I'm already noticing my trousers getting loose and I'm in the first week of implementing his suggestions. It really isn't a diet, no matter what the title implies. There are no foods you have to cut out, the book is just full of common sense. The CD which comes with it is also amazing. Although, I think that he must have put a subliminal message on it, because I suddenly find him very attractive!! Seriously, I think this is the most important book you will read in your life. If you've lived your life moving from diet to diet, this book is definately for you!"

Maggie from Worcestershire, United Kingdom
"I almost ate the arm off of the postman who delivered this long awaited publication. I read it in one afternoon (thanks to large print and wide margins) and then played the CD. It is not about dieting or telling you to dash out and buy lycra, it is about regaining control and learning to listen to your own body. It contains no science or technical jargon, just back to basics common sense which almost makes you feel stupid for having been a slave to the diet industry. It focuses on the future and yet some of the effects, such as controlling cravings, are immediate. It is an absolute must have for anyone who is unhappy with their weight."

'Look in to my eyes' - The Observer Magazine - Paul McKenna interview

Effectiveness of hypnosis as an adjunct to behavioral weight management - U.S. National Library of Medicine - ...the hypnosis clients showed significant additional weight loss... more of the subjects who used hypnosis also achieved and maintained their personal weight goals...

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Paul McKenna Weight Loss

I Can Make You Thin by Paul McKenna
Paul McKenna
"I Can Make You Thin"
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