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Plot Your Weight Loss Progress

Diet ChartsWhatever your choice of diet, how about some motivational help? How about a ready made spreadsheet which plots your weight loss against your target? It also has a built in BMI calculator which plots a separate graph of your reducing Body Mass Index. Immediate download... click here for more information

Brad Pitt - low carb diet

Brad Pitt keeps himself looking superb using a combination of a low carbohydrate, high protein diet and regular workouts. The Atkins Diet was one of the original low carb/high protein diet books but this involved eating NO carbohydrates which a lot of people found very hard to do. Some experts also believe that a high protein diet such as this can cause kidney damage - BBC News.  A new, and less severe, approach is the Rotation Diet which presents a revolutionary diet for quick, safe, and permanent weight loss - up to one pound a day for women and even more for men - using a simple plan that varies and rotates calorific intake on a day-to-day basis.

Carol Vorderman - Detox Diet

Carol Vorderman is a great exponent of the Detox Diet. She looks fabulous for any age - let alone a forty-something mother of two! The original Detox Diet plan was developed by the "detox guru" Ko Chohan. The successful key to this diet is in boosting the body's efficiency and helping it get rid of toxins by eating key cleansing foods.

Jessica Simpson - 5-Factor Diet

How Jessica Simpson shapes up - CNN News. Some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities are linked to the 5-Factor Diet - including Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, Eva Mendes, Kanye West, John Mayer and others. The 5 Factor Diet, created by celebrity trainer and diet expert Harley Pasternak, is based on scientific research and not starving yourself. You eat five 5-Factor meals every day and are allowed 5 cheat days in 5 weeks so you never feel as if you're in a diet prison! The book shows you it is easy and delicious with five small meals a day, 100+ great recipes and 5 or less ingredients, with just five minutes preparation time. Included is a five week diet programme plus a success log that makes it easy to chart your progress. Get the book from Amazon 5-Factor Diet: Get the Body You Want in Just Five Weeks!

Kylie Minogue - GI Diet

Kylie Minogue followed the Australian devised GI (or Glycaemic Index) Diet and this was attibuted to help her get into the "gold hotpants" shape that she became famous for. Doctors beleive this diet is also good for the heart - BBC Health. The Glycaemic Index ranks carbohydrate foods on a scale from zero to 100 on the rate at which they raise blood glucose levels and the basic idea is that you eat low GI foods which break down slowly and so raise blood sugar at a steady rate that sustains energy and helps you feel full for longer. Other famous followers of this diet include Jodie Kidd, Kim Cattrall, Steve Redgrave, the Clintons and Antony Worrall Thompson. If you are considering this diet the GI Diet is a must read.

Madonna - Macrobiotic Diet

Madonna follows the Macrobiotic Diet, a mainly vegan eating plan, derived from Japanese traditions, based on whole grains, organic vegetables and pulses, as well as occasional white fish - see Wikipedia entry on the Macrobiotic Diet. The Macrobiotic Diet, involving a combination of low-calorie foods and only eating when hungry, will help keep you slim.


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