GI Diet

The original low/no carbohydrate diet

The GI Diet - a new way of eating healthily claims you can lose weight without really trying.
So does the GI Diet work? Well, it did for Kylie...

Glycemic Index Diet

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The new buzz word in the healthy eating world is GI or gylcaemic index to you and me. Nutritional expert Anita Bean told She magazine: ‘A food’s GI is a measure of the speed which it is broken down and converted into glucose.’ The faster the food breaks down, the higher it’s GI rating.

The GI diet isn’t really a diet but in Australia where there has been a lot of research into GI, it’s recommended by many doctors. And our favourite pop princess, Kylie Minogue is said to keep that trim figure and impossibly pert bum in shape by following the GI Diet.

How does the GI Diet help you to lose weight?

If you eat low-fat foods and lots of carbohydrates then you could be one of the five million Britons who suffer from Syndrome X or insulin resistance. Basically this means that your body no longer responds to insulin in the bloodstream which ultimately leads to an inability to metabolise food properly causing weight gain. The way to combat this, is to choose foods with a mainly low GI. ‘This doesn’t mean you should avoid carbohydrates all together,’ says Anita Bean. However she does say that you should be aware of how they break down in the body.

As you can probably guess things like chocolate cake have a high GI whereas ‘healthy’ foods such as apples have a low one. But there are some surprises – cheese and peanut butter for example have a low GI.

Foods with a low GI include : broccoli, tea without sugar, yoghurt, eggs and olive oil.
Foods with a high GI include : potatoes, rice, bread, bacon and coffee.

Further GI Diet information

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